Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

Everyone had a wonderful time at the Valentine’s Day party wearing red and seeing who was going to be crowned King and Queen. Special thank you to Family Dollar on Cumberland Falls Highway for the Valentine’s balloon and chocolate donations for the residents at Corbin Health and Rehabilitation Center.


Reminiscence Therapy to help with Dementia

Sharing memories or reminiscing about the past is an enjoyable way to connect with someone that has Alzheimer’s or dementia. When it comes to dementia, most people lose their short-term memory, but can still recall older memories. The goal for this type of therapy is to help these seniors feel valued, contented, and peaceful. These…


Ways to respond to “I want to go home”

When a senior with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia asks to go home, it is often a request for comfort and not to physically go home. The best thing to do is meet where they are and focus on the comfort and reassurance. Respond to the emotions behind their request. There are 3 kind and calming ways…


Snowmen activity

It’s been cold this week at Corbin Health and Rehabilitation Center, but the residents haven’t had enough snow to make real snowmen outside. So, they made their own snowmen inside with all kinds of supplies.


Certificate of Achievement

Congratulations residents and staff at Corbin Health and Rehabilitation Center on the certificate of achievement. This facility has achieved the AHCA Quality Initiative Goals of Hospitalizations and Functional Outcomes. The staff is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals they serve.

Santa clause with two people smiling at the camera

Santa visits facility

Santa Claus made a visit to the residents of Corbin Health and Rehabilitation Center just before his big day. Thank you to every single person who has helped make this Christmas a very special one for all of the residents.

holidays: group of kids and older adults singing

Carolers for the holidays

Velvet, the Director Of Nurses at Corbin Health and Rehabilitation Center, brought her youth group the other night for the residents to enjoy for the holidays. Thanks Velvet and Redemption Harvest Youth Group of Knoxville for bringing some joy to the facility.