With pumpkins sitting atop of white tablecloths and tin trays of food awaiting to be consumed, the residents and staff of Corbin HRC surrounded by their loved ones, gathered to enjoy the facility’s annual Thanksgiving dinner and give thanks to all of the joy the year has brought them.

The facility set up the dining room to mirror restaurant-style seating and even though it was cold outside, the love in the inside of the facility left everyone feeling warm. And the relationships were great but the food was the belle of the ball. Some of the key things on the menu were gravy-dripping turkey, dressing, homemade green bears, creamy mash potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Fun fact about Thanksgiving, it wasn’t made official until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln came along and made it happen. It’s a rich tradition to give thanks to those in our lives and be grateful for the blessings and of course, scarfing down the tastiest food our families can make.