When a senior with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia asks to go home, it is often a request for comfort and not to physically go home. The best thing to do is meet where they are and focus on the comfort and reassurance. Respond to the emotions behind their request.

dementiaThere are 3 kind and calming ways to respond to the request of “I want to go home”:

  1. Reassure and comfort their needs
    • Responding in a calm and positive manner with older adults will help validate their needs. Approach them with a soothing and relaxed manner, like a hug or just sitting next to them.
  2. Avoid reasoning and explanations
    • When using reason and logic with an older adult that has Alzheimer’s and/or dementia, it may make them more agitated or upset. Don’t explain why they can’t go home because they won’t be able to process the information. Simply just listen and be there for them.
  3. Validate, redirect, and distract
    • The best ways to deal with this kind of conversation is to first: validate what they said by saying “Ok, we’ll go soon” or “That’s a good idea. We’ll go as soon as I clean up these dishes.” This will calm the situation and create a relaxed environment.
    • Secondly: redirect and distract. Once you’ve “agreed” to take them home, get their mind on something else. Take them to a different room and show them something pretty or new. Start an activity with them to get their mind elsewhere.

Information provided by DailyCaring.com