Residents and staff of Corbin Health and Rehab enjoyed dressing up for their Halloween Party on Tuesday. The staff was a hoot with their choice in costumes. There was a Cleopatra character, a classic gumball machine, Pocahontas, multiple 50s era poodle skirts and many more delightful and scary costumes.

Their Halloween party consisted of yummy orange and black-sprinkled cupcakes, cookies decorated to look like spooky ghosts, witches and mummies. To offset the sweets, the facility went the concession stand route and served nachos and cheese and put on an Ernest Halloween plot movie. Later in the evening, Corbin held a Trick-or-Treat Night for the children in the community.

Despite Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating being a practice in Britain and Ireland since the 16th century, the concept wasn’t started in the U.S. until the 1920s. Corbin HRC always looks forward to continuing the tradition.